Product Description

Designed to speed the placement and tensioning of strap around palletized products, the RQ-8Y/PLT can cut the time it takes to strap pallets in half when compared to hand tools. The RQ-8Y/PLT is recommended for applications where automated equipment is too expensive or impractical and hand tools are too slow. The strapping process is simple and easy. Simply position the track inside the pallet void by moving the machine on the easy rolling casters, push the feed button and insert the end of the strap in the top of the RQ-8Y/PLT. The RQ-8Y/PLT feeds the strap down to the head, tensions, seals, cuts and releases the strap. With a torque tension system, the RQ-8Y/PLT achieves the consistent high tension required to pull together columns of boxes on a pallet. As an option, the machine can be modified to use polyester strap.