Product Description

The reliability, speed, ease of operation and low maintenance of the RQ-8 strapping machines are now available in a fully-automatic model designed to serve the high-speed printing/publication applications. At 54 cycles per minute, the RQ-8N has a throughput of up to 40 bundles per minute. In addition to the standard features, such as easy strap loading, auto re-feed, loop ejection and lubrication free operation, the RQ-8N is equipped with optional dual strap dispensers and an Automatic Coil Changer that allows continuous operation even after a coil of strap runs out. Pneumatic side and front squaring combined with a soft bundle press as well as Automatic Tension Control insure bundle integrity. The variable speed conveyor with inverter control provides easy integration into any automated line and the flexibility to maximize line productivity. As an optional feature, the operator friendly touch screen panel provides easy operation. On screen prompts guide you through the adjustable settings for the press and squaring devices and also provides production and trouble history logs.